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Date a boy who makes you happy, but marry him only if he makes you laugh deep-belly rumbles that hurt your ribs as they expand outwards. Date him when he sees that you’re hurting and he gives you a moment to feel that pain like a hand print spreading across your consciousness, marry him only if he can make you smile even while you’re gross sobbing. The world is not a kind place. You will feel a lot of pain. Make sure you are with someone who makes it all bearable. Humor is an excellent gauge of intelligence. Life gets boring. Find someone who makes the banal interesting.

The Right Man You Should Date or Marry (via psych-facts)

Ustaz kata.

Kalau nak rumahtangga bahgia, nakkan rahmat di dalamnya, jangan pernah tinggalkan 3 perkara ni. Especially kepada kaum hawa dan bakal bakal isteri.

Pertama; jaga solat awal waktu.

Kedua; bacalah alQuran setiap hari.

Ketiga; bacakan hadis sehari sekali untuk anak-anak.

Nescaya, keluargamu selamat dan Tuhan jaga.

(via gadispianist)
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